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Top Wedding Flower Trends for 2013

Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX

Affordable Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX

An exciting wedding is one that is planned well and flows smoothly; the food, hall, guests, gown, jewelry and flowers. You may or may not be a flower fanatic, but we know you only want to use the best and trendiest, after all it’s your wedding and everything has to fit into your make up, there is only one you, so do it your way and have the time of your life with the love of your life.

For this year, here are the suggested wedding flower trends that are worth checking out. 

‘Still loving the vintage

There’s so much to love about the feel of a freshly-picked flowers from an English garden. Try using large brass-style vessels for a lavish arrangement of flowers such as ranunculus, garden roses, hydrangeas and the bride’s favorite, peonies. What’s nice about these flowers is their delicate petal feeling; however, depending on the season of your wedding some of these flowers may be off-season so better prepare for a back-up. 

Garland grace

Brides just love garlands – a string of freshly-cut flowers tied in place by ribbons, lace or paper and hung on chandeliers or center table. Garlands make great backdrop too on your reception hall as well as good arrangements for dispersing lovely scent in the air. Your flowers for feminine garlands: peonies and hydrangeas or any flower of the season with a strong or thick center to withstand the stringing.

In with the cascading bouquets

Affordable wedding fowers

Affordable Wedding Flowers Pasadena, TX

Another “years (and years) ago” favorite, the cascade (trailing) design bouquet will also make a comeback. Compared to how brides in the old days like it, using one solid color, this year make a bolder statement by using a variety of deep colors of one or two kinds of flowers. Peonies and tea roses with soft coils of vine will make this arrangement just perfect. 

Exotic surprise

Wedding bouquets

Affordable tropical and exotic wedding bouquets.

You’ll never know just how pretty and charming exotic flowers like scabiosa pods, lotus pods and proteas are until you put them all together in an arrangement. Because of their rich color and unusual tones, they provide the texture for a unique, exotic bouquet.  

In too deep

Yup, the deep, monochromatic colors of plum and purple are in for this year. And since the cascading effect arrangement is also in for this year why not try violets, lilac or wisteria. 

Floral backdrop

Need to wow the guests, why not do that with a wall-to-wall floral backdrop? Easily, this idea will give life to a wedding reception as it becomes a favorite spot for a photo-op. Others may choose a heavy drape with flower heads that are tightly pinned side by side with minimal space in between; or choose to install a large corkboard where flower heads can be easily pinned and removed. If you find this idea to be elegant yet pricey, how about incorporating silk flowers in between. Afterwards, use the silk flowers to arrange a decorative piece for your home.

Pool of lush floating flowers

Holding your wedding reception by the pool, how about creating unique pool décors that are sure to become conversation pieces for your guests? Instead of the boring tossed roses on the pool, create a floater (styropor/styrofoam) and glue in bright green mosses. Then on top of that, place your lush floral arrangement. Up it a bit by putting 2 or 3 tea light candles per floater, making sure that they are placed in metal candle holder or a tempered glass. Likewise, place them far apart and make sure no flower is at risk of being burned.

What is not to really love about weddings and this fantastic time of celebration of family, friends, togetherness and love.  We are excited about the possibility of visiting with you about your wedding celebration.  Call us today to schedule a free wedding consultation, 281-487-1896.  Click here and keep browsing for wedding ideas and little things that you may want to add to your special day




Flowers for “The Chief” on Father’s Day

Father's Day Flower

Father’s Day Flowers Houston, TX

Your dad doesn’t have to work for the fire department for you to let him know he is the “Big Chief” in charge, send flowers and tell him so.  If you feel that the wide variety of flower choices out there overwhelms, rather than excites you as to what to give your dad on Father’s Day, then just pick between these two “safe” choices: roses and carnation.

If you are wondering what makes these two flowers appropriate for Father’s day, here are a couple of choices and brief information on two fantastic flowers. 


Roses are undoubtedly the universal flower for passionate love. No one receives roses and not feel loved in one way or another.  Roses also come in variety of colors and can be chosen and given based on how you want your feelings to be represented.

By visual appeal, roses are considered to be more “formal” even when they come in bright and cheerful colors; the deeper the color, the more formal they look. Roses are on the top of mind among men when thinking of giving flowers to their partners, but did you know that a lot of men prefer NOT to receive roses? But don’t get discouraged just yet; different men have different personality, thus different opinions. Those who like to receive them still outweigh those who prefer not to. It is no surprise that there is an association of these flowers with women that could probably be the reason for such opinion. 


  • Include another gift to go along your specially-arranged roses like a ticket to a ball game, a small bottle of perfume or a metal pen in his favorite color.
  • To break the “formality” of the flowers, try to have your florist arrange different colors of roses instead of just the deep reds. It would also look nice to have a few touches of baby’s breath in them.
  • Instead of a bunch, why not give him just three long stem neatly arranged in a tall vase to highlight the surprise breakfast-in-bed you’re planning.


Carnations are obviously cheerful-looking flowers; you can find them adorning almost any social occasion. Their unique beauty is eye-catching. Likewise, they carry a scent that is distinctive and aromatic. For its symbolic meaning, carnation represents well-wishes, good intentions and deep admiration – all the things you feel for your dad. As for their arrangement, they look good when clustered together either in single, solid colors or multiple. As trivial as it may sound carnations were once considered the queen of flowers, preferred by royalties and every bride that walk down the aisle. Lately, these flowers are making a comeback. Unlike the more “formal” rose, carnations, when arranged and set as centerpiece can instantly perk up the place and the people around it. Not to mention, this flowers are very long lasting and provide a very pleasant fragrance. 


  • Use carnations to accent any sporting goods fit for your dad like a golf club, a tennis racket or a new set of hand weights.
  • Arrange freshly-cut carnations in a digitally-designed coffee mug with a picture of the two of you together.
  • Use carnations to accent the sides of a wide picture frame of a digital collage of his pictures through the years. Hang this on the wall of his home office to surprise him.

When I reflect on my dad I have memories of motorcycles, fishing, hunting, working together in the garage on a particular automobile and taking a break to enjoy a popsicle.  Honor your dad this Father’s Day with flowers from Flowers & Company.




Even Manly Men Can Receive Flowers on Father’s Day

Flowers for men

Flowers for men on Father’s Day

It’s almost Father’s day and you are undecided on whether to surprise him with flowers, candy, jewelry, fishing stuff.  Whether your dad is a flower enthusiast or not, just the mere sight of beautiful flowers will easily turn his mood around.  At first he may not even realize they are for him. Even if you can’t be with him on this special day, your gift will surely make up for it. and your presence be felt. So, how do you surprise your dad with specially-delivered flowers?

Here are a few tips: 

Home surprise ideas

  • Since Father’s day falls on a weekend, why not buy the latest action movie in DVD, some chips and two bottles of dad’s favorite beer and bring this stuff to your local florist. Have them arrange these together with a bunch of bright colored flowers in a basket. Don’t forget your handwritten card that says “Take the day off, you deserve it.” 
  • Is dad more of a music buff; classical, standard, or jazz maybe? It’s time to introduce a new talent to your dad’s collection of musical CDs. Drop by your local music store and get him something he’ll enjoy listening. For this pleasure, complement it with a small bottle of champagne and two slim wine glasses. Have your florist arrange these in a basket full of roses. Your card should say “dim the lights play the music, dance with mom”. 
  • Commission a private chef complete with cooking ingredients to knock at your dad’s door at mid-afternoon with flowers in hand. His job is to prepare your dad’s (and mom’s too) a three-course meal for dinner.
  • Borrow dad’s ride and go straight to the local carwash for it’s much needed car bath, waxing and glazing. And if your budget can afford, give it a quick tune up too. Before taking the ride back, drop by your local florist to pick-up the flowers you ordered for dad. Before showing him the finished product, arranged your flowers by the car to surprise him. 

Office surprise ideas 

  • Commission your dad’s boss to have him called as if he’s in trouble. When your dad gets to his office let the boss give the basket-full of flowers you sent. When he goes back to his seat, he’ll definitely blush at co-workers’ whistling and howling at him carrying these flowers. 
  • Before your dad gets to the office, have neatly arranged flowers delivered and placed in his office and beside it a digitally-collaged pictures of you and him over the years. This is a good way of making him go back in time with fond memories of you when you were still a child. 
  • Talk to his secretary to block a movie date night with you without him knowing it. Commission his secretary to say that he’ll have an important meeting on that very same time. When this time comes, let the secretary tell him that the important meeting has been cancelled. About this time, you will be arriving with a bunch of flowers in hand and two tickets to the latest 3D movie in town.

Your dad rocks, so enjoy this one special day out of the entire year.  Do something you may have never done before.  Fully express yourself and your appreciation. Show you dad how cool he is, hand pick some flowers  from a close by field or pop in the grocery store or your local florist. He won’t be expecting flowers but he will love your recognition and thoughtfulness.

The Perfect Gift To Go with The Flowers For Your Dad on Father’s Day

Flowers & Company Send Flowers to Dad

Order Flowers to be hand-delivered to DAD.

Men are known to enjoy receiving flowers, too. So, flowers will make a perfect gift for your dad on Father’s day. But if this is your first time to give your dad flowers, you may think that this is less than what’s appropriate for the occasion. So instead, include a second gift to go with those flowers. What are those gifts?

Here are a few suggestions: 

A bottle of perfume.

Your dad’s power dressing will not be complete without a dab of his so masculine-smelling perfume. Since perfumes are so expensive, why not give him perfume in miniature bottles in different scents instead. Or try an imitation scent that carry a different brand yet packaged in uniquely-shaped bottles. 

Soothing care pack.

Your dad may be the typical dad that ignores his body aches after a stressful day at work. For this, give him a little basket of a stress-busting and relaxing pack consisting of aromatherapy heat balm, a gel-type hot and cold compress and a battery-operated back massage appliance that he can use anywhere. Quite obviously, you only have your dad’s best health at heart. 

Coffee or tea?

Is your dad a tea lover? Give him tea in different flavors, neatly and adorably packed in an exclusive tea box. Or if he’s more of a coffee guy, amuse him with different flavors of imported instant coffee from different countries. Find a nice box and arrange these coffee packs there; the various colors and packaging are enough to give your dad a visual feast.

An exclusive pen.

Men love the touch and feel of a good, solid brass writing pen; in fact they take pride in showing this off. Why else would Cross, Parker or Montblanc make pens that are so exclusive-looking if not for men that adore them. However, if none of these pricey brands are within your budget, simply look for an equally nice-looking exclusive pen and have your message engraved in it. This gift too will make it easy for you to tuck it in your floral arrangement.

Fine dining for a fine dad.

A gift certificate for a dinner for two (or three) in a fine dining restaurant would be a sweet gesture. It could have been years since your dad treated himself on something like this, as he’d rather spend his money buying important stuff for the house. So a dinner date for three would surely be a warm family bonding.

Jazz up his wardrobe.

Is it possible that the stresses of everyday hustle and bustle ruined your dad’s once-upon-a-time great fashion sense? Well, that’s what you’re there for; maybe it’s time to wave a magic fashion wand in his wardrobe. From pin-striped button down shirt to well-tailored dark trousers to hip and geometrically-designed neckties – you are your dad’s fashion angel in disguise.

A new pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses.

Why not? Like his wardrobe, his choice of sunglasses or eyeglasses might already be adding years to his actual age. Likewise, if he’s not keen on knowing the latest advancements in eye wear he might not be utilizing his best vision especially at work where he needs it the most. Commission your mom to accompany your dad for the latest eye check-up then hand that prescription secretly to you. Then have that prescription filled in any local optician’s shop using the best frame and lens for your dad’s eyeglass.

We know your dad is a great dude!  Hug him, love him, give him a heartfelt card and possibly something special no matter how big or how small.  If you are possibly choosing flowers for dad check out this

Flowers Can Also Light Up Your Dad’s World

Flowers & Company Send Flowers to Dad

Order Flowers to be hand-delivered to DAD.

You won’t find many men who would casually admit they love receiving flowers, some are even a little timid when it comes to sending flowers. But don’t be fooled; their deep appreciation is very much rooted in those sealed lips. In fact, florists are seeing a shift in the flower market where men are becoming the receiver instead of the usual giver. For Father’s Day, it will be fun to consider giving him flowers especially if you haven’t done this before.

Emotional impact

Countless research showed that flowers and behavior are linked together in a positive way. Give somebody a bunch of colored flowers with sweet scent and see his or her face brighten up instantaneously. Marveling their beauty by thorough scrutiny, you’ll find yourself smiling inside and out; that’s just how strange but powerful flowers are as ambassadors of happy mood. 

Improves relationships

You cannot give flowers and not have some kind of affection to the giver. Flowers, after all, are messengers of love and other well-meaning emotions. They say that sending flowers to loved ones improve relationships and intimate connections. That is exactly the promise when you send your dad flowers for Father’s day; even if you can’t be there by his side, your presence will still be surely felt.

Acknowledgement and honor

Give flowers to your dad with a card that says “I am truly grateful for the work you’ve done in bringing me up,” and see how your dad’s face blush with pride. Nothing is more meaningful to a father than a child who appreciates his efforts in keeping his home together. Sometimes, dads themselves are at lost in the challenges of being the breadwinner in the family and rearing his kids at the same time. Your sense of gratitude is the best reward he could ever have.

For a few tips on how to surprise dad with flowers, here’s how to do it:

  • Highlight his breakfast table with his favorite BLT sandwich, a glass of freshly-squeezed juice and a bunch of fresh cut flowers on a tall vase
  • Decorate his home office table with deep colored flowers beside a newly-framed family portrait
  • Before dad wakes up, place a bouquet of flowers and a new bestseller book by his bedside table
  • Is your dad into some kind of sports; golf, basketball or fishing maybe? Then personalize his flowers by having your florist arrange flowers using any material representative of dad’s favorite sports. Personalized flowers aren’t just for sports interests; you could also use his musical interests or hobbies.
  • Line up his favorite bay window with different flower plants of different colors. These flowers will effortlessly lift his mood and make him doze off easily as he takes his mid-afternoon nap in that corner
  • Include a little extra to your flower gift like candies, chocolates (you have no idea how men love chocolates too), a Swiss army survival kit, a piece of jewelry or even a small bottle of men’s cologne.
  • Dress up his front porch with flowers in pots and arranged rows to show a lush and charming floral décor.

Regardless if you are sending flowers or whatever way you choose to acknowledge dad, just know he appreciates your heartfelt consideration.

Pasadena Florist Considers Best Flowers for Your Nosegay



Wedding Bouquets Pasadena TX

Wedding Bouquets Pasadena TX

 When discussing wedding flowers and floral arrangements we hardly hear the word “nosegay”, but they are, in fact, a part of wedding floral arrangements. What exactly is it and where did its name derived from?  


First, its name . . .


What is the first thing that you do when you pick up a flower from a garden or from a table décor? You guessed it right, smell! Sometimes, even you get surprised at that involuntary action as if it should come right after you hold a beautiful flower. Couldn’t it be because our minds are set in the wondrous nature of flowers having inherent, delightful scents? The name nosegay depicts that act of marveling at the beauty of flowers by “sniffing” their scent – thus, nosegay literally came from the words “nose” and “gay”.


Somewhere back in time


Flowers were given high regard as early as the Victorian times; they play a great role in conveying messages of passion and love, honor and respect. Lovers during those times are not encouraged to be vocal, so they send flowers in different colors to deliver their “love” messages. Not only that, the early folks discovered the medicinal properties also inherent of flowers.


Likewise, because of the variety of scents that these flowers possess, they’ve become useful, along with various herbs, in masking odors of women during special occasions at the time when hygiene was non-essential. Fast forward in modern times, extracts of flowers are used as base for the manufacture of perfumes and colognes. No wonder flowers have become a staple in every culture of all nations.


Towards the end of the 19th century, the use of nosegays gave birth to additional miniature floral arrangements used in weddings such as boutonnieres and corsages. Unlike in the old days where nosegays are commonly used as an everyday accessory, in the latter days they are seen exclusively in weddings together with the traditional wreath and flower garlands.


In modern weddings, they are seen and used as smaller bouquets held by the bridesmaids, often complementing the bride’s larger and dramatic bouquet. The boutonnieres are worn by the groom and groomsmen while the corsages are worn by the bridal entourage, either pinned on their gowns or wrapped around their wrists. In some weddings, nosegays are also used as party favors that symbolize the sharing of joy of the newly-wed couple with their guests. 

Bridal Bouquets and Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX

Bridal Bouquets and Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX


The best flowers for nosegays


Since nosegays are lovely miniature floral arrangements, it is best to use small flowers with outstanding features and will look even better when clustered together. Likewise, for nosegays buds, new blooms are often preferred. Some arrangements also include herbs and leaves as fillers and often wrapped together using satin cloth, a doily or large and wide ribbons.


Here are some of the flowers best for a nosegay arrangement:


  • Roses : the universal symbol of passionate love
  • Stephanotis : for good luck
  • Iris: for lifetime of inspiration
  • Carnation: for health and vitality
  • Freesia: for spirited engagement
  • Aster: for the spirit of contentment, patience and charm
  • Ranunculus: for radiant beauty
  • Filler Flowers: baby’s breath, lavender, mint and ivy


Choices abound, colors, designs, scents and personal touches.  Be confident that your bridal bouquet will be perfect when working with an experienced florist that listens to your every request.

Florist Speaks on Choosing the Best Flowers for Your Wedding Theme

Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX

Celebration & Wedding Flowers Pasadena, TX        281-487-1896


Majority of the time, colors represent or go along with the themes in weddings and this applies to wedding flowers too. These colors are often selected based on the bride and groom’s favorite color, or sometimes based on what the color’s symbolic meaning is. Flowers too are selected based on the color theme of the wedding. Different flowers when used together in one color look very romantic and enchanting, not to mention unique. It is not hard to find flowers for any theme wedding; almost all kinds of flowers come with its basic colors.

However, not all flowers are appropriate for weddings so if you’re looking for the best kinds for each color theme, here’s a short list.


Blue is a wonderful color theme for your wedding as it represents calm, trust, peace and formality. Use the famous blue flowers of delphinium, iris, tweedia, blue cremon bulk, spider flower and cornflowers. 


This color is the universal color of passionate love. It is a sign eagerness to take action, symbolic of brides and grooms on their wedding day. Use the sexy red flowers of rose, carnation, alstroemeria, amaryllis, yarrow and tulip. 


Orange is a harmonious color because it symbolizes optimism and open communication. Guests are surprisingly cheerful when surrounded by orange flowers. Your wedding will look wonderful with Asiatic lily, celosia, orange gerbera and dahlia blooms in it.


Yellow is another color symbolic of optimism and cheerfulness. Flowers of this color will also encourage your guests to mingle and have fun on your wedding day. Use sunshine-yellow flowers like daisy, sunflower, gerbera, oncidium orchid, poppy and dainty and faint yellow flowers like craspedia and snapdragon. 


Green is the color of harmonious balance of energy. It is a positive color that symbolizes strength and fearlessness. Choose between bells of Ireland, Fiji chrysanthemum, green trick, hydrangea, and zinnia. 


No one can never be attracted to the color pink! Apart from its lovely hue, pink represents unconditional love and understanding as well as patient nurturing. Your flowers for this color are cymbidium orchid, pink gerbera, peony, ranunculus, pink rose and sweet pea. 


This is the color of creative imagination. Likewise its deep hue provides elegance in a wedding. Choose among alstroemeria, anemone, calla lily, freesia, lilac, hyacinth, veronica, lisianthus and matsumo aster. 


White is a fresh and clean color; no wonder this symbolizes purity, innocence and perfection. Use white flower to accent your colored theme or use alone for an immaculate impact. Your flower choices are gardenia, oriental hybrid lily, phalaenopsis orchid, rose, star of Bethlehem and stephanotis. 


This color is likewise symbolic of balance and harmony in all aspects of a person’s life: emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual. Your flowers for this color theme are stock magenta, brain celosia magenta, gracy (a deep magenta rose) and dahlia. 


This color may seem like a color already inappropriate for a wedding theme; however this color encourages intuitive consciousness and concentration especially during times of meditation. Consider these flowers that are lovely in deep indigo: thistle, nigella, delphiniums and hydrangeas.

Color, the choices seem to never end.  For your wedding ceremony to go perfect and your choices exact, consult with the local wedding flower expert in the Pasadena, TX area, Flowers & Company, the choice florist.