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Top 5 Flowers for Weddings on a Budget By Flower Shops In Houston

March 25, 2013

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Planning for a wedding can be stressful and costly at the same time, but that doesn’t have to be the case when you consult with your favorite and recommended flower shops in Houston! One of the most important elements of a truly memorable and wonderful wedding is the choice of flowers.

Fresh flowers are a must for every wedding ceremony and reception. It helps in creating a romantic and a more special ambiance. However, wedding flowers need not be overly expensive. As long as they are fresh, radiant and beautiful, the floral arrangements make the wedding truly an unforgettable experience.

Here are the top five and best flowers to use for weddings on a budget:

1. Roses

There is no doubt that roses are the most romantic flowers of all time. They are symbolic of: love, passion, purity, affection and happiness among other feelings. Roses are also versatile and come in a wide variety of colors that would suit the wedding’s theme. Best of all, they are beautiful and elegant. Choose a good variety of roses and have them arranged artistically in order to enhance their beauty and charm. Although roses are already beautiful on their own, they can further be transformed into something more exceptional. With a simple touch of creativity, roses can add to that romantic ambiance during a wedding celebration. Find out the best blooms of the season to find a good deal.

2. Gerberas

Gerberas are colourful, vibrant and refreshing to the eyes. They are like a breath of fresh air with their delicate beauty. Gerberas make a delightful and perfect bouquet for the bride and the entourage. They can also be arranged to be used as table centrepieces or aisle decorations to set the romantic mood for the wedding. Just like roses, gerberas are also versatile and come in a wide selection of colours that can complement any wedding theme. Depending on the season, gerberas are relatively less expensive and more budget-friendly.

3. Sunflowers

Talk about the bright sunshine and a happy mood – these are exactly what sunflowers exude! There is something about sunflowers that make people smile and feel good in general. For this reason, they also make wonderful choices for wedding flowers and bouquets. Although others may find them less traditional for such a special occasion, especially those who are used to roses, tulips and other exotic flowers; sunflowers can create a light, pleasant and happy feel for the wedding. A simple artistic touch can make them ideal for bouquets and decorations as well.

4. Carnations

Carnations are simple yet elegant and can be used to come up with a dainty floral arrangement that is pleasing to the eyes. They are simple, delicate and very feminine as well. Best of all, they are ideal for every wedding. Any florist would agree that carnations can make the perfect alternative to overly-priced exotic and premium flowers.

5. Daisies

Practical, affordable, beautiful and radiant – these are some of the words that best describe daisies. Although relatively common, daisies are always pretty and breathtaking. A simple and stylish floral arrangement that consists of daisies is enough to transform a wedding celebration into a festive and extraordinary event. Blooming daisies can compliment any floral arrangement whether a bouquet, a table centrepiece, aisle embellishments or decorations. They are also more accessible to budget-conscious couples’ who want to have a beautiful and romantic wedding without having to spend a fortune on fresh flowers.

A wedding is always a great celebration, but they shouldn’t necessarily be overly expensive. Getting married? With assistance from your trusted local flower shops in Houston, the floral arrangements in your wedding will definitely stand out and create the theme of love at a more reasonable cost.

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