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Affordable Wedding Flowers, Lilies Look Great on Weddings!

May 9, 2013
Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX

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There are valid reasons why lilies are favored by many florists and brides for their wedding day, and your Expert Florist in Pasadena, TX knows how often they are requested. Symbolically speaking, the flower lily holds relevant meaning appropriate for a bride dressed in snow white gown.


For one, Greek mythology has it that lily was the flower of Zeus’ wife, Hera. The Roman goddess of beauty and love, Venus, was said to be so jealous of the beauty of this flower that she caused a pistil to grow from its center, but that didn’t alter the natural beauty of this flower. During the biblical times, the lily became associated with the Virgin Mary and thus became a symbol of purity and chastity.


Interestingly enough, this flower has over 80 to 100 variety of species, each displaying a beauty unique only to itself. Though many, there are certain kinds of lilies that have become a favorite in the wedding scene. In choosing which one to use, remember to coordinate it with your overall wedding theme as well as decoration plans. Here’s a short list of some of the wedding lilies to choose from.


Oriental Lilies

These lilies are only available in two solid colors: white and pale pink. However, you may also find them in these color combination. Their natural heavy sweet scent help give an added romance in the air, so they are favored in decorating large venues. Their pollens must first be removed to prevent staining if they are to be used as table centerpieces.


Asiatic Lilies

Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX

Stargazer Lily Wedding Flowers Pasadena,TX 281-487-1896

These are similar-looking to the Oriental lilies but they have a distinct star-shaped appearance when in full bloom. Colors available are orange, pink, white and yellow. They have subtle scent so they are easy to combine with any fragrance the decorator chooses. Choose among stargazer lilies, black beauty, yellow ribbons and black beauty.


Tiger Lilies

Symbolic to wealth and prosperity are tiger lilies; because of this, tiger lily has become a favorite too among wedding couples. Similar to an oriental lily, this has large exotic flower shape complementing its prominent sweet fragrance. These flowers come in bright-orange color with dark-red patterns on their petals, hence the name.


Water Lilies

Just because they are considered as “wild” doesn’t mean they can’t add glam to your wedding. While you’ll find it difficult to include them in your bridal bouquet, they make a great table centerpiece, especially when placed in a large, shallow and wide-mouthed glass bowl complete with floating candles. This tabletop concept will be as charming when done in a pond or fountain on a water-featured wedding.


Calla Lilies

Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX

Calla Lily Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX 281-487-1896

This is considered as the ultimate wedding lily because of its very simple yet exquisite and graceful lines. Though they also come in shades of pink, orange, red and even purple, it is the white calla lily that is very popular among brides. A hand-tied bouquet of these flowers makes a good contemporary contrast to your classically-designed wedding gown. Unique to this lily is their trumpet-shaped bloom that when recreated in sugar icing also makes your wedding cake adorable.


Mother’s Day is Sunday May 12, 2013.  No matter how you choose to honor your mom, just be sure to do so.  Whether you can or can’t be with her in person there is always the option of sending flowers by calling your local flowers shop in Pasadena, TX.




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