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The 10 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

May 13, 2013
Wedding Flowers Florist Pasadena TX

Affordable Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX

Wedding flowers play an important part in making a wedding elegant-looking and romantic. Well- bloomed flowers of different kinds when put together create a wondrous display of colors and release of fine floral aroma that set the romantic mood. If deciding on what flowers to choose overwhelms you, why not simply go for the most popular wedding flowers that are the top favorites by both florists and brides? 

Calla Lily

Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX

Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX

This is described as the “wedding lily of all lilies” because of its very simple but elegant form in trumpet shape. The flower lily also holds the symbol for “purity” and “new life” – two words relative to the wedding couple. Commonly used are the large-headed ones with long stems for tall floral arrangements, while the small ones are favorite choice for boutonniere and nosegays. Though they come in dark purple, orange, yellow and mauve-pink, it is the cream ivory color that is most favored. 



Throughout the ages, roses have become the symbol of beauty and passionate love. A rose-filled wedding reception hall will be just as enchanting as the beauty of the bride. Fortunately, this flower is available year round and at practical prices. The main types you can choose from are the hybrid tea roses (commercial roses), garden roses (expensive open heads) and spray roses (five heads in one stem).

Lily of the Valley

Unique to these flowers are their bell-shaped figure and the unmistakable fresh scent. These are abundant during spring but rare and expensive most of the year. The white variety is highly favored more than the rosy-pink ones.


These flowers carry the symbol “happy years” and “consuming love” that is why they make an excellent choice for weddings. They come in a wide variety of colors, and a tulip-themed arrangement is always a welcome idea. You may go for pastels like yellow, peach, pink, white and cream or the deep hues like red, purple and magenta. Dutch, parrot and French tulips are the ones commonly used in weddings. 


For an old romance wedding theme, the bushy head and deep colors of hydrangeas will complement that. Burgundy, blue, purple or pink are excellent addition to your other preferred flowers. They also make good choice as fillers in some floral arrangements and bouquets. 


Another Victorian type flower bearing the meaning “marital bliss”, these dainty, star-shaped florets are good choice for weddings. If you are planning a formal vintage wedding, a bouquet of stephanotis blossoms will complete your theme. You’ll be glad to know that they are available year round. 


These flowers are boastful with their large, full head, vivid striking colors and strong scent. While there are two types being used in weddings, herbaceous and tree peony, it is the former that lasts longer when cut. These flowers are good choice for bouquets and centerpieces and widely available during late spring until early summer. For the rest of the year they may be imported for a slightly higher price. 

Sweet Pea

Don’t be fooled by these delicate-looking flowers, as they are dear favorites of the English since 1699 due to their unique candy scent and ruffled blossoms. Tuck a stem or two of these in any wedding floral arrangement and see how instantly they make that arrangement extra elegant. Colors to choose from are white, pink or purple. 


Thanks to the similar beauty of ranunculus to the rose or peonies, you can now use a less than expensive flowers for your wedding. These flowers that are relative to the buttercup have luscious blooms with multi-layers of petals. They are available in yellow, white, orange and pink.


Made famous by their sexy, heavy scent, these flowers are great choice for bouquet, corsage and table centerpieces. Use them lightly as their petals bruise easily and fall off shortly when mishandled.


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