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Wedding Flower Superstitions

May 15, 2013
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Weddings, no matter how enchantingly beautiful could be associated with any one of the old folklores and superstitions. Since couples do not want to celebrate their big day with even a hint of bad luck, they choose to observe some known “old wives’ tales”. There are superstitions as how a bride should wear her gown, what jewelry to wear, how to decorate the hall and what flowers to choose. Some of these are just too outrageous to believe, yet some say it wouldn’t hurt to just go with the flow.

Wedding flowers have some set of superstitions, too. Here are a few of them: 

Wedding bouquet

It is said to be bad luck if the bride’s bouquet of flowers is in even numbers like 8, 10 or 12. While you may find it “odd” to have an odd number for your wedding flowers like 9 or 13, some believe that even numbers in floral arrangement are reserved for the dead.

Wedding Floral Décor

Anemones are one of the favorite flowers used in weddings not just because they are naturally beautiful but because they have a way of warding off diseases or ill-fortunes. If the bride and groom associate themselves with these flowers days before their wedding, they are assured of good health. Likewise, using anemones as part of wedding floral décor guarantees cheerful and harmonious celebration. 

Trouble-less bride

Preparing for a wedding is stressful most especially to the bride, that’s why they hardly enjoy their big day. Oftentimes too, up to the last minute the bride carries some kind of trouble and sorrow in her mind; maybe because brides-to-be always have high expectations. So in order to alleviate this, the use of day lilies is encouraged on wedding day to ward off “feeling blue” and to make the bride forget her “pending” troubles. Want dainty blooms instead? No problem, poppies have very similar effect. 

Pansy love

The pansy flowers are believed to have magical love powers; old stories have it that love potions are made out of these flowers. Because the bride wants to share her positive love energies, it would be nice to include pansies in wedding bouquet so that during “the toss,” the single ladies and bridesmaids will sure to “catch” the magical love spell. 

Babies, babies and lots of babies

You might think that it’s just plain cute to have small flower girls toss lots of petals along the aisle where the bride and groom will walk towards the altar. That too has significant meaning; it was believed that tossing and spreading petals of flowers along the aisle gives the bride and groom lots of chances to have babies. This idea may be particularly good for couples who are marrying late where they need to work double time in having babies.

Bad luck out-of-season blooms

They say that it is bad omen to let flowers that are out of season into your home as it predicts an untimely death in the family. Could using out-of-season flowers in a wedding mean the same thing? The only thing that is bad when using these kinds of flowers is that they’re far more expensive than in-season flowers. For some bride and grooms, that is indeed bad luck!

Personally, we don’t subscribe to any of these crazy superstitions, though they are quite interesting.  We can’t wait to be a part of your Big Day.  For affordable wedding flowers contact Flowers & Company  and schedule an appointment today, 281-487-1896








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