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Florist Speaks on Choosing the Best Flowers for Your Wedding Theme

May 16, 2013
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Majority of the time, colors represent or go along with the themes in weddings and this applies to wedding flowers too. These colors are often selected based on the bride and groom’s favorite color, or sometimes based on what the color’s symbolic meaning is. Flowers too are selected based on the color theme of the wedding. Different flowers when used together in one color look very romantic and enchanting, not to mention unique. It is not hard to find flowers for any theme wedding; almost all kinds of flowers come with its basic colors.

However, not all flowers are appropriate for weddings so if you’re looking for the best kinds for each color theme, here’s a short list.


Blue is a wonderful color theme for your wedding as it represents calm, trust, peace and formality. Use the famous blue flowers of delphinium, iris, tweedia, blue cremon bulk, spider flower and cornflowers. 


This color is the universal color of passionate love. It is a sign eagerness to take action, symbolic of brides and grooms on their wedding day. Use the sexy red flowers of rose, carnation, alstroemeria, amaryllis, yarrow and tulip. 


Orange is a harmonious color because it symbolizes optimism and open communication. Guests are surprisingly cheerful when surrounded by orange flowers. Your wedding will look wonderful with Asiatic lily, celosia, orange gerbera and dahlia blooms in it.


Yellow is another color symbolic of optimism and cheerfulness. Flowers of this color will also encourage your guests to mingle and have fun on your wedding day. Use sunshine-yellow flowers like daisy, sunflower, gerbera, oncidium orchid, poppy and dainty and faint yellow flowers like craspedia and snapdragon. 


Green is the color of harmonious balance of energy. It is a positive color that symbolizes strength and fearlessness. Choose between bells of Ireland, Fiji chrysanthemum, green trick, hydrangea, and zinnia. 


No one can never be attracted to the color pink! Apart from its lovely hue, pink represents unconditional love and understanding as well as patient nurturing. Your flowers for this color are cymbidium orchid, pink gerbera, peony, ranunculus, pink rose and sweet pea. 


This is the color of creative imagination. Likewise its deep hue provides elegance in a wedding. Choose among alstroemeria, anemone, calla lily, freesia, lilac, hyacinth, veronica, lisianthus and matsumo aster. 


White is a fresh and clean color; no wonder this symbolizes purity, innocence and perfection. Use white flower to accent your colored theme or use alone for an immaculate impact. Your flower choices are gardenia, oriental hybrid lily, phalaenopsis orchid, rose, star of Bethlehem and stephanotis. 


This color is likewise symbolic of balance and harmony in all aspects of a person’s life: emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual. Your flowers for this color theme are stock magenta, brain celosia magenta, gracy (a deep magenta rose) and dahlia. 


This color may seem like a color already inappropriate for a wedding theme; however this color encourages intuitive consciousness and concentration especially during times of meditation. Consider these flowers that are lovely in deep indigo: thistle, nigella, delphiniums and hydrangeas.

Color, the choices seem to never end.  For your wedding ceremony to go perfect and your choices exact, consult with the local wedding flower expert in the Pasadena, TX area, Flowers & Company, the choice florist.




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