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Pasadena Florist Considers Best Flowers for Your Nosegay

May 21, 2013



Wedding Bouquets Pasadena TX

Wedding Bouquets Pasadena TX

 When discussing wedding flowers and floral arrangements we hardly hear the word “nosegay”, but they are, in fact, a part of wedding floral arrangements. What exactly is it and where did its name derived from?  


First, its name . . .


What is the first thing that you do when you pick up a flower from a garden or from a table décor? You guessed it right, smell! Sometimes, even you get surprised at that involuntary action as if it should come right after you hold a beautiful flower. Couldn’t it be because our minds are set in the wondrous nature of flowers having inherent, delightful scents? The name nosegay depicts that act of marveling at the beauty of flowers by “sniffing” their scent – thus, nosegay literally came from the words “nose” and “gay”.


Somewhere back in time


Flowers were given high regard as early as the Victorian times; they play a great role in conveying messages of passion and love, honor and respect. Lovers during those times are not encouraged to be vocal, so they send flowers in different colors to deliver their “love” messages. Not only that, the early folks discovered the medicinal properties also inherent of flowers.


Likewise, because of the variety of scents that these flowers possess, they’ve become useful, along with various herbs, in masking odors of women during special occasions at the time when hygiene was non-essential. Fast forward in modern times, extracts of flowers are used as base for the manufacture of perfumes and colognes. No wonder flowers have become a staple in every culture of all nations.


Towards the end of the 19th century, the use of nosegays gave birth to additional miniature floral arrangements used in weddings such as boutonnieres and corsages. Unlike in the old days where nosegays are commonly used as an everyday accessory, in the latter days they are seen exclusively in weddings together with the traditional wreath and flower garlands.


In modern weddings, they are seen and used as smaller bouquets held by the bridesmaids, often complementing the bride’s larger and dramatic bouquet. The boutonnieres are worn by the groom and groomsmen while the corsages are worn by the bridal entourage, either pinned on their gowns or wrapped around their wrists. In some weddings, nosegays are also used as party favors that symbolize the sharing of joy of the newly-wed couple with their guests. 

Bridal Bouquets and Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX

Bridal Bouquets and Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX


The best flowers for nosegays


Since nosegays are lovely miniature floral arrangements, it is best to use small flowers with outstanding features and will look even better when clustered together. Likewise, for nosegays buds, new blooms are often preferred. Some arrangements also include herbs and leaves as fillers and often wrapped together using satin cloth, a doily or large and wide ribbons.


Here are some of the flowers best for a nosegay arrangement:


  • Roses : the universal symbol of passionate love
  • Stephanotis : for good luck
  • Iris: for lifetime of inspiration
  • Carnation: for health and vitality
  • Freesia: for spirited engagement
  • Aster: for the spirit of contentment, patience and charm
  • Ranunculus: for radiant beauty
  • Filler Flowers: baby’s breath, lavender, mint and ivy


Choices abound, colors, designs, scents and personal touches.  Be confident that your bridal bouquet will be perfect when working with an experienced florist that listens to your every request.


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