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Flowers Can Also Light Up Your Dad’s World

May 28, 2013
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You won’t find many men who would casually admit they love receiving flowers, some are even a little timid when it comes to sending flowers. But don’t be fooled; their deep appreciation is very much rooted in those sealed lips. In fact, florists are seeing a shift in the flower market where men are becoming the receiver instead of the usual giver. For Father’s Day, it will be fun to consider giving him flowers especially if you haven’t done this before.

Emotional impact

Countless research showed that flowers and behavior are linked together in a positive way. Give somebody a bunch of colored flowers with sweet scent and see his or her face brighten up instantaneously. Marveling their beauty by thorough scrutiny, you’ll find yourself smiling inside and out; that’s just how strange but powerful flowers are as ambassadors of happy mood. 

Improves relationships

You cannot give flowers and not have some kind of affection to the giver. Flowers, after all, are messengers of love and other well-meaning emotions. They say that sending flowers to loved ones improve relationships and intimate connections. That is exactly the promise when you send your dad flowers for Father’s day; even if you can’t be there by his side, your presence will still be surely felt.

Acknowledgement and honor

Give flowers to your dad with a card that says “I am truly grateful for the work you’ve done in bringing me up,” and see how your dad’s face blush with pride. Nothing is more meaningful to a father than a child who appreciates his efforts in keeping his home together. Sometimes, dads themselves are at lost in the challenges of being the breadwinner in the family and rearing his kids at the same time. Your sense of gratitude is the best reward he could ever have.

For a few tips on how to surprise dad with flowers, here’s how to do it:

  • Highlight his breakfast table with his favorite BLT sandwich, a glass of freshly-squeezed juice and a bunch of fresh cut flowers on a tall vase
  • Decorate his home office table with deep colored flowers beside a newly-framed family portrait
  • Before dad wakes up, place a bouquet of flowers and a new bestseller book by his bedside table
  • Is your dad into some kind of sports; golf, basketball or fishing maybe? Then personalize his flowers by having your florist arrange flowers using any material representative of dad’s favorite sports. Personalized flowers aren’t just for sports interests; you could also use his musical interests or hobbies.
  • Line up his favorite bay window with different flower plants of different colors. These flowers will effortlessly lift his mood and make him doze off easily as he takes his mid-afternoon nap in that corner
  • Include a little extra to your flower gift like candies, chocolates (you have no idea how men love chocolates too), a Swiss army survival kit, a piece of jewelry or even a small bottle of men’s cologne.
  • Dress up his front porch with flowers in pots and arranged rows to show a lush and charming floral décor.

Regardless if you are sending flowers or whatever way you choose to acknowledge dad, just know he appreciates your heartfelt consideration.


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