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The Perfect Gift To Go with The Flowers For Your Dad on Father’s Day

May 29, 2013
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Men are known to enjoy receiving flowers, too. So, flowers will make a perfect gift for your dad on Father’s day. But if this is your first time to give your dad flowers, you may think that this is less than what’s appropriate for the occasion. So instead, include a second gift to go with those flowers. What are those gifts?

Here are a few suggestions: 

A bottle of perfume.

Your dad’s power dressing will not be complete without a dab of his so masculine-smelling perfume. Since perfumes are so expensive, why not give him perfume in miniature bottles in different scents instead. Or try an imitation scent that carry a different brand yet packaged in uniquely-shaped bottles. 

Soothing care pack.

Your dad may be the typical dad that ignores his body aches after a stressful day at work. For this, give him a little basket of a stress-busting and relaxing pack consisting of aromatherapy heat balm, a gel-type hot and cold compress and a battery-operated back massage appliance that he can use anywhere. Quite obviously, you only have your dad’s best health at heart. 

Coffee or tea?

Is your dad a tea lover? Give him tea in different flavors, neatly and adorably packed in an exclusive tea box. Or if he’s more of a coffee guy, amuse him with different flavors of imported instant coffee from different countries. Find a nice box and arrange these coffee packs there; the various colors and packaging are enough to give your dad a visual feast.

An exclusive pen.

Men love the touch and feel of a good, solid brass writing pen; in fact they take pride in showing this off. Why else would Cross, Parker or Montblanc make pens that are so exclusive-looking if not for men that adore them. However, if none of these pricey brands are within your budget, simply look for an equally nice-looking exclusive pen and have your message engraved in it. This gift too will make it easy for you to tuck it in your floral arrangement.

Fine dining for a fine dad.

A gift certificate for a dinner for two (or three) in a fine dining restaurant would be a sweet gesture. It could have been years since your dad treated himself on something like this, as he’d rather spend his money buying important stuff for the house. So a dinner date for three would surely be a warm family bonding.

Jazz up his wardrobe.

Is it possible that the stresses of everyday hustle and bustle ruined your dad’s once-upon-a-time great fashion sense? Well, that’s what you’re there for; maybe it’s time to wave a magic fashion wand in his wardrobe. From pin-striped button down shirt to well-tailored dark trousers to hip and geometrically-designed neckties – you are your dad’s fashion angel in disguise.

A new pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses.

Why not? Like his wardrobe, his choice of sunglasses or eyeglasses might already be adding years to his actual age. Likewise, if he’s not keen on knowing the latest advancements in eye wear he might not be utilizing his best vision especially at work where he needs it the most. Commission your mom to accompany your dad for the latest eye check-up then hand that prescription secretly to you. Then have that prescription filled in any local optician’s shop using the best frame and lens for your dad’s eyeglass.

We know your dad is a great dude!  Hug him, love him, give him a heartfelt card and possibly something special no matter how big or how small.  If you are possibly choosing flowers for dad check out this


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