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Even Manly Men Can Receive Flowers on Father’s Day

May 30, 2013
Flowers for men

Flowers for men on Father’s Day

It’s almost Father’s day and you are undecided on whether to surprise him with flowers, candy, jewelry, fishing stuff.  Whether your dad is a flower enthusiast or not, just the mere sight of beautiful flowers will easily turn his mood around.  At first he may not even realize they are for him. Even if you can’t be with him on this special day, your gift will surely make up for it. and your presence be felt. So, how do you surprise your dad with specially-delivered flowers?

Here are a few tips: 

Home surprise ideas

  • Since Father’s day falls on a weekend, why not buy the latest action movie in DVD, some chips and two bottles of dad’s favorite beer and bring this stuff to your local florist. Have them arrange these together with a bunch of bright colored flowers in a basket. Don’t forget your handwritten card that says “Take the day off, you deserve it.” 
  • Is dad more of a music buff; classical, standard, or jazz maybe? It’s time to introduce a new talent to your dad’s collection of musical CDs. Drop by your local music store and get him something he’ll enjoy listening. For this pleasure, complement it with a small bottle of champagne and two slim wine glasses. Have your florist arrange these in a basket full of roses. Your card should say “dim the lights play the music, dance with mom”. 
  • Commission a private chef complete with cooking ingredients to knock at your dad’s door at mid-afternoon with flowers in hand. His job is to prepare your dad’s (and mom’s too) a three-course meal for dinner.
  • Borrow dad’s ride and go straight to the local carwash for it’s much needed car bath, waxing and glazing. And if your budget can afford, give it a quick tune up too. Before taking the ride back, drop by your local florist to pick-up the flowers you ordered for dad. Before showing him the finished product, arranged your flowers by the car to surprise him. 

Office surprise ideas 

  • Commission your dad’s boss to have him called as if he’s in trouble. When your dad gets to his office let the boss give the basket-full of flowers you sent. When he goes back to his seat, he’ll definitely blush at co-workers’ whistling and howling at him carrying these flowers. 
  • Before your dad gets to the office, have neatly arranged flowers delivered and placed in his office and beside it a digitally-collaged pictures of you and him over the years. This is a good way of making him go back in time with fond memories of you when you were still a child. 
  • Talk to his secretary to block a movie date night with you without him knowing it. Commission his secretary to say that he’ll have an important meeting on that very same time. When this time comes, let the secretary tell him that the important meeting has been cancelled. About this time, you will be arriving with a bunch of flowers in hand and two tickets to the latest 3D movie in town.

Your dad rocks, so enjoy this one special day out of the entire year.  Do something you may have never done before.  Fully express yourself and your appreciation. Show you dad how cool he is, hand pick some flowers  from a close by field or pop in the grocery store or your local florist. He won’t be expecting flowers but he will love your recognition and thoughtfulness.


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