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Flowers for “The Chief” on Father’s Day

May 31, 2013
Father's Day Flower

Father’s Day Flowers Houston, TX

Your dad doesn’t have to work for the fire department for you to let him know he is the “Big Chief” in charge, send flowers and tell him so.  If you feel that the wide variety of flower choices out there overwhelms, rather than excites you as to what to give your dad on Father’s Day, then just pick between these two “safe” choices: roses and carnation.

If you are wondering what makes these two flowers appropriate for Father’s day, here are a couple of choices and brief information on two fantastic flowers. 


Roses are undoubtedly the universal flower for passionate love. No one receives roses and not feel loved in one way or another.  Roses also come in variety of colors and can be chosen and given based on how you want your feelings to be represented.

By visual appeal, roses are considered to be more “formal” even when they come in bright and cheerful colors; the deeper the color, the more formal they look. Roses are on the top of mind among men when thinking of giving flowers to their partners, but did you know that a lot of men prefer NOT to receive roses? But don’t get discouraged just yet; different men have different personality, thus different opinions. Those who like to receive them still outweigh those who prefer not to. It is no surprise that there is an association of these flowers with women that could probably be the reason for such opinion. 


  • Include another gift to go along your specially-arranged roses like a ticket to a ball game, a small bottle of perfume or a metal pen in his favorite color.
  • To break the “formality” of the flowers, try to have your florist arrange different colors of roses instead of just the deep reds. It would also look nice to have a few touches of baby’s breath in them.
  • Instead of a bunch, why not give him just three long stem neatly arranged in a tall vase to highlight the surprise breakfast-in-bed you’re planning.


Carnations are obviously cheerful-looking flowers; you can find them adorning almost any social occasion. Their unique beauty is eye-catching. Likewise, they carry a scent that is distinctive and aromatic. For its symbolic meaning, carnation represents well-wishes, good intentions and deep admiration – all the things you feel for your dad. As for their arrangement, they look good when clustered together either in single, solid colors or multiple. As trivial as it may sound carnations were once considered the queen of flowers, preferred by royalties and every bride that walk down the aisle. Lately, these flowers are making a comeback. Unlike the more “formal” rose, carnations, when arranged and set as centerpiece can instantly perk up the place and the people around it. Not to mention, this flowers are very long lasting and provide a very pleasant fragrance. 


  • Use carnations to accent any sporting goods fit for your dad like a golf club, a tennis racket or a new set of hand weights.
  • Arrange freshly-cut carnations in a digitally-designed coffee mug with a picture of the two of you together.
  • Use carnations to accent the sides of a wide picture frame of a digital collage of his pictures through the years. Hang this on the wall of his home office to surprise him.

When I reflect on my dad I have memories of motorcycles, fishing, hunting, working together in the garage on a particular automobile and taking a break to enjoy a popsicle.  Honor your dad this Father’s Day with flowers from Flowers & Company.





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