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Top Wedding Flower Trends for 2013

June 3, 2013
Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX

Affordable Wedding Flowers Pasadena TX

An exciting wedding is one that is planned well and flows smoothly; the food, hall, guests, gown, jewelry and flowers. You may or may not be a flower fanatic, but we know you only want to use the best and trendiest, after all it’s your wedding and everything has to fit into your make up, there is only one you, so do it your way and have the time of your life with the love of your life.

For this year, here are the suggested wedding flower trends that are worth checking out. 

‘Still loving the vintage

There’s so much to love about the feel of a freshly-picked flowers from an English garden. Try using large brass-style vessels for a lavish arrangement of flowers such as ranunculus, garden roses, hydrangeas and the bride’s favorite, peonies. What’s nice about these flowers is their delicate petal feeling; however, depending on the season of your wedding some of these flowers may be off-season so better prepare for a back-up. 

Garland grace

Brides just love garlands – a string of freshly-cut flowers tied in place by ribbons, lace or paper and hung on chandeliers or center table. Garlands make great backdrop too on your reception hall as well as good arrangements for dispersing lovely scent in the air. Your flowers for feminine garlands: peonies and hydrangeas or any flower of the season with a strong or thick center to withstand the stringing.

In with the cascading bouquets

Affordable wedding fowers

Affordable Wedding Flowers Pasadena, TX

Another “years (and years) ago” favorite, the cascade (trailing) design bouquet will also make a comeback. Compared to how brides in the old days like it, using one solid color, this year make a bolder statement by using a variety of deep colors of one or two kinds of flowers. Peonies and tea roses with soft coils of vine will make this arrangement just perfect. 

Exotic surprise

Wedding bouquets

Affordable tropical and exotic wedding bouquets.

You’ll never know just how pretty and charming exotic flowers like scabiosa pods, lotus pods and proteas are until you put them all together in an arrangement. Because of their rich color and unusual tones, they provide the texture for a unique, exotic bouquet.  

In too deep

Yup, the deep, monochromatic colors of plum and purple are in for this year. And since the cascading effect arrangement is also in for this year why not try violets, lilac or wisteria. 

Floral backdrop

Need to wow the guests, why not do that with a wall-to-wall floral backdrop? Easily, this idea will give life to a wedding reception as it becomes a favorite spot for a photo-op. Others may choose a heavy drape with flower heads that are tightly pinned side by side with minimal space in between; or choose to install a large corkboard where flower heads can be easily pinned and removed. If you find this idea to be elegant yet pricey, how about incorporating silk flowers in between. Afterwards, use the silk flowers to arrange a decorative piece for your home.

Pool of lush floating flowers

Holding your wedding reception by the pool, how about creating unique pool décors that are sure to become conversation pieces for your guests? Instead of the boring tossed roses on the pool, create a floater (styropor/styrofoam) and glue in bright green mosses. Then on top of that, place your lush floral arrangement. Up it a bit by putting 2 or 3 tea light candles per floater, making sure that they are placed in metal candle holder or a tempered glass. Likewise, place them far apart and make sure no flower is at risk of being burned.

What is not to really love about weddings and this fantastic time of celebration of family, friends, togetherness and love.  We are excited about the possibility of visiting with you about your wedding celebration.  Call us today to schedule a free wedding consultation, 281-487-1896.  Click here and keep browsing for wedding ideas and little things that you may want to add to your special day




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